Breaking Ground & Footers

Since I just started this blog, I’m going to be playing catch up. If you follow along on Instagram then you know we are WAY ahead of breaking ground. There are a few blogs out there that documented their home build and it helped me out A LOT. So I really want to try and document things in order so that it might help someone else in the future.

On June 27, 2016 we broke ground on our Tennessee Farmhouse.

tn_farmhouseBreaking ground was stressful for me. Only because you have to know EXACTLY where you want the house. Once the concrete is poured, you can’t turn back. Technically you can, but who wants to pay for all that again?! So we knew we wanted to build on the highest point on our land. That was the easy part. The hard part was, do we angle the house? Do we face the house more towards sunrise? Do we turn it away from the sun? Where will the sunrise be in relation to our bedrooms? Apparently, there are tons of things to think about that I never knew until reading on the best placement of a home. I LOVE how most were all related to the sun! This reminded me of our daily walks with Jesus, the Son! Where is He in our life? Are we facing Him? Are we turning away from Him? Is He the first thing you seek in the morning?

Our land is kind of narrow, so we didn’t have that many options on where to place it. As far as the sun, I don’t really care where it is! Any sunlight coming in a window is a plus for me, I’m all about some natural light.

Here’s facing the front of our house…


And here’s standing in the living room looking at the fireplace 🙂

2 thoughts on “Breaking Ground & Footers

  1. I am loving your land, your home and your outlook! Your story sounds much like ours. We have been searching and praying for what seems like forever and just finally purchased our land! We love everything about it, but I (not my husband as much) worry about the width of it, in terms of building. I noticed you mentioned your land being on the narrow side, which ours kind of is also. How narrow is yours? Ours is just under 600 feet at the widest point. Your house is coming along so well. Love following along with you! P.S. Did you add much storage to this plan? I have done some reading and the plan as drawn seems to be short on storage….

    1. tennesseefarmhouse says:

      Hi Marybeth! So happy for you and your land purchase, it’s an exciting journey for sure! I’m not sure the exact footage of our width but it’s narrow. That’s another reason I fell in love with the GlenView Cottage plan is because it fits perfectly on a narrow lot. We did add some storage to the plan! We added a huge storage closet and extra closet to one of the bedrooms upstairs. We widened another one of the closets in another bedroom upstairs. And at the top of the landing there was some dead space beside the windows where we added storage closets. We made the laundry room 4ft longer. The pantry is under the stairs and we are leaving that open because back behind it is a perfect place for more storage. Anywhere there was a chance for storage, I asked our builder to leave it open. We didn’t do a basement, and we aren’t doing a garage in the near future, so we NEED as much space as we could get. I hate accumulating “stuff”. I know a basement is a pit for more junk so I didn’t want one. This house plan gives me good reason to simplify!!! 🙂

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