Metal Roof, Brick, Electrical & Insulation

I am so behind y’all! In my attempt to catch up, here we go:

Figuring out exactly where you want plugins is hard! We put them in all the necessary locations throughout the house. And by necessary I mean we went way overboard. You just never know! Then it hit me in the middle of the night, “I have two little trees that light up that I always put on each side of my front door for Christmas, we didn’t put a plugin by the front door!” Like, really Kristin? You need to make sure plugins are in all the right locations and all you can think about is Christmas? Ha! Luckily, our electrician offers what he calls the “Christmas package” and made sure we had plenty of plugins up high on the porch AND one by the front door. Whew, close one. We might not have a plugin anywhere in the kitchen but at least we will have a place for trees by the door! 😀

klp_9086 klp_9087

For our roof we went with Gulvalume which is the natural color the metal is. I think once the roof was on was when it really started looking real to me.

For the exterior brick skirt and brick fireplace we used Triangle Brick in the color Oakton with WHITE mortar. Mortar plays the biggest role in how your brick will look.





Bible verses written around our home

Before the drywall went up we wanted our friends and family to come in and cover our home in verses. We love the thought of our home being built on God’s Word. Not only that, but our builder mentioned that you never know who you could be reaching as far as the people working on the house. We hope these verses touched someone!

Before they poured the concrete for our porch, we placed a Bible in a ziplock bag and nudged it exactly where people will step each time they enter our home. I wrote several prayers inside, asking God to bless all those who enter and to allow us to be a blessing. To protect our home and us. And that just as that location is the first step you take when entering, we will use it as a reminder to keep His word first in all that we do…


I absolutely love this verse my husband wrote in our daughters room. I had never heard it before: “May our daughters be like graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace” <3

Upstairs & Roof

It wasn’t too long before the upstairs was being built and the roof was being framed! We’ve hit a dry spell in Tennessee and haven’t been getting much rain. Bittersweet because we need the rain, but nice because a lot of work has gotten done!

We decided at the last minute to change the plan and have our daughter’s ceiling in her bedroom be vaulted. I’m so glad we did…


Tennessee Farmhouse


Below is probably my favorite side of the house. It will be the wrap around porch, chimney, and to the far right is the master bedroom.


Interior walls & stairs

Next thing we knew, it was starting to look like a house! You could see things taking shape, and we had steps leading upstairs…



Here will be the fireplace with rectangle windows on each side and hopefully built-ins underneath… _klp2886Leading up the stairs. To the left is the powder room, to the right is the laundry room. Like the plan calls for, we stuck with 10 foot ceilings downstairs, 9 foot upstairs. I am SO glad we did. Since my husband and I are both really tall, it feels more open…

Upstairs view. Yes I was scared to go all the way to the top 😀


Exterior Floors & Walls

Before we knew it, we had floors going down and walls going up! It was surreal to start seeing the plan of Glenview Cottage come to life. It is SO hard to imagine what your home will look like. I’ve had pictures to look at, and a plan right in front of me, but it’s still hard.

The part you see in the front that’s just blocks is the wrap around porch…  _klp2678
Looking out our kitchen windows
View from the back_klp2705

“Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted.” Psalm 127:1

Breaking Ground & Footers

Since I just started this blog, I’m going to be playing catch up. If you follow along on Instagram then you know we are WAY ahead of breaking ground. There are a few blogs out there that documented their home build and it helped me out A LOT. So I really want to try and document things in order so that it might help someone else in the future.

On June 27, 2016 we broke ground on our Tennessee Farmhouse.

tn_farmhouseBreaking ground was stressful for me. Only because you have to know EXACTLY where you want the house. Once the concrete is poured, you can’t turn back. Technically you can, but who wants to pay for all that again?! So we knew we wanted to build on the highest point on our land. That was the easy part. The hard part was, do we angle the house? Do we face the house more towards sunrise? Do we turn it away from the sun? Where will the sunrise be in relation to our bedrooms? Apparently, there are tons of things to think about that I never knew until reading on the best placement of a home. I LOVE how most were all related to the sun! This reminded me of our daily walks with Jesus, the Son! Where is He in our life? Are we facing Him? Are we turning away from Him? Is He the first thing you seek in the morning?

Our land is kind of narrow, so we didn’t have that many options on where to place it. As far as the sun, I don’t really care where it is! Any sunlight coming in a window is a plus for me, I’m all about some natural light.

Here’s facing the front of our house…


And here’s standing in the living room looking at the fireplace 🙂

Glenview Cottage – Southern Living House Plan

After months of searching and even trying to have someone design us a plan, we still couldn’t settle on something that we loved. We searched, searched, and searched some more. It became frustrating and I truly wanted this process to be fun! Finally we realized a house plan doesn’t make a home. What makes a home are the people in it. SO, we decided to find a plan that met our needs and move on.

One night I was searching online and came across a plan by Southern Living called Glenview Cottage. I immediately fell in love and so did my husband. It met all of our needs, and it was perfect! A lot of features of it reminded me of the house we live in now. This was funny to me because I’ve always said I wish we could just pick our house up and move it on some acreage. Then we found out it was an Eric Moser design and I loved it even more. I’ve always admired his simple and efficient design style.

A lot of the house plan we’ve changed around. The porch won’t look like this (we’re doing no rails), there are rooms moved, doors moved, windows added etc… we changed a lot to fit our needs and what flows best with our family. What immediately caught my eye was that wrap around porch!

Isn’t she gorgeous? I can’t wait to make this place home!





The Tennessee Farmhouse Story

First off, Hi! I’m Kristin and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! I live in Tennessee with my husband Casey, our precious daughter, and two dogs (eventually we want to add some chickens and goats in the mix)! 🙂

Like many farmhouses, they all begin with a story. I guess I should start off this blog with how it all began…

When my husband and I were dating, we always dreamt about eventually getting some land… somewhere to put down roots. We had been looking  for “gently rolling, partially wooded and partially cleared” land for a while. You think that would be easy to find in Tennessee, ha! It was nearly impossible. People around here like to hold on to their land, then pass it down generation after generation. It’s so gorgeous here, who can blame them?! We searched and searched for what seemed like forever. I kept praying that God would show us the place that was meant for us.

In September of 2015, we were driving on some back roads and came across farm land for sale in a nearby town. It was gently rolling, partially wooded, and partially cleared. It had a tiny creek, and there were trees surrounding the land that went all the way to the top of a little ridge. It was close to everything and everyone we love, but far enough out that you have some privacy from city life (I’m a country girl y’all). We immediately fell in love and called the owner. I prayed and prayed that it would all work out if it was meant to be. Everything fell into place and a few months later, it was ours!

I still can’t believe this gorgeous slice of earth belongs to us. God has entrusted us with this land and my prayer is we take care of it to the best of our ability, all while glorifying Him. I hope you follow along on our home building journey.

Stay tuned, the next post will be about our house plan! 🙂

“By wisdom a house is built and through understanding is is established; through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Proverbs 24:3-4