Glenview Cottage – Southern Living House Plan

After months of searching and even trying to have someone design us a plan, we still couldn’t settle on something that we loved. We searched, searched, and searched some more. It became frustrating and I truly wanted this process to be fun! Finally we realized a house plan doesn’t make a home. What makes a home are the people in it. SO, we decided to find a plan that met our needs and move on.

One night I was searching online and came across a plan by Southern Living called Glenview Cottage. I immediately fell in love and so did my husband. It met all of our needs, and it was perfect! A lot of features of it reminded me of the house we live in now. This was funny to me because I’ve always said I wish we could just pick our house up and move it on some acreage. Then we found out it was an Eric Moser design and I loved it even more. I’ve always admired his simple and efficient design style.

A lot of the house plan we’ve changed around. The porch won’t look like this (we’re doing no rails), there are rooms moved, doors moved, windows added etc… we changed a lot to fit our needs and what flows best with our family. What immediately caught my eye was that wrap around porch!

Isn’t she gorgeous? I can’t wait to make this place home!





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