Metal Roof, Brick, Electrical & Insulation

I am so behind y’all! In my attempt to catch up, here we go:

Figuring out exactly where you want plugins is hard! We put them in all the necessary locations throughout the house. And by necessary I mean we went way overboard. You just never know! Then it hit me in the middle of the night, “I have two little trees that light up that I always put on each side of my front door for Christmas, we didn’t put a plugin by the front door!” Like, really Kristin? You need to make sure plugins are in all the right locations and all you can think about is Christmas? Ha! Luckily, our electrician offers what he calls the “Christmas package” and made sure we had plenty of plugins up high on the porch AND one by the front door. Whew, close one. We might not have a plugin anywhere in the kitchen but at least we will have a place for trees by the door! 😀

klp_9086 klp_9087

For our roof we went with Gulvalume which is the natural color the metal is. I think once the roof was on was when it really started looking real to me.

For the exterior brick skirt and brick fireplace we used Triangle Brick in the color Oakton with WHITE mortar. Mortar plays the biggest role in how your brick will look.