Metal Roof, Brick, Electrical & Insulation

I am so behind y’all! In my attempt to catch up, here we go:

Figuring out exactly where you want plugins is hard! We put them in all the necessary locations throughout the house. And by necessary I mean we went way overboard. You just never know! Then it hit me in the middle of the night, “I have two little trees that light up that I always put on each side of my front door for Christmas, we didn’t put a plugin by the front door!” Like, really Kristin? You need to make sure plugins are in all the right locations and all you can think about is Christmas? Ha! Luckily, our electrician offers what he calls the “Christmas package” and made sure we had plenty of plugins up high on the porch AND one by the front door. Whew, close one. We might not have a plugin anywhere in the kitchen but at least we will have a place for trees by the door! 😀

klp_9086 klp_9087

For our roof we went with Gulvalume which is the natural color the metal is. I think once the roof was on was when it really started looking real to me.

For the exterior brick skirt and brick fireplace we used Triangle Brick in the color Oakton with WHITE mortar. Mortar plays the biggest role in how your brick will look.





Bible verses written around our home

Before the drywall went up we wanted our friends and family to come in and cover our home in verses. We love the thought of our home being built on God’s Word. Not only that, but our builder mentioned that you never know who you could be reaching as far as the people working on the house. We hope these verses touched someone!

Before they poured the concrete for our porch, we placed a Bible in a ziplock bag and nudged it exactly where people will step each time they enter our home. I wrote several prayers inside, asking God to bless all those who enter and to allow us to be a blessing. To protect our home and us. And that just as that location is the first step you take when entering, we will use it as a reminder to keep His word first in all that we do…


I absolutely love this verse my husband wrote in our daughters room. I had never heard it before: “May our daughters be like graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace” <3

Roof & Windows

Soon after, the house was almost “in the dry” as they call it. The blacktop was on the roof, we had windows, and exterior doors.

If you like timelines, we broke ground on June 27th and these photos were taken August 31st.  So almost 2 months and we went from a hole in the ground to this! Can’t believe how fast she went up!

Glenview Cottage House Plan, photo credit: Tennessee Farmhouse www.tennesseefarmhouse.comA must have for us was a four lite front door. To explain the term four “lite” (I had to google the technical term) it means there are four separate pieces of glass that are divided. Just like our windows. I love how this creates the look of a cross. The more crosses surrounding our house, the better 🙌🏼 (can I get an amen?!). I was a bit hesitant of this knowing that just anyone could walk up and see in our house, but with where we live, and our security system we got, I will see someone at our house before they see me. 🙂 What color should we stain it? I’m deciding on that now!
Glenview Cottage House Plan, photo credit: Tennessee Farmhouse

Something I love about the Glenview Cottage plan is the exposed rafter tails around the house. It’s definitely something I wanted to keep. But the porch ceiling? I struggled, and I mean struggled, with if we should leave that porch ceiling exposed or inclose it. The guys spent so much time making it look gorgeous like that. Every single beam was cut and placed perfectly, and all I could think about?? Never ending wasps nest! I wish you could’ve seen their faces when we talked about covering it up. In the end, I let my hubby decide and he wanted it exposed. I’m so glad we did because I think it adds so much character! I can’t imagine it covered now. Now to figure out what color of blue to paint it…  Glenview Cottage House Plan, photo credit: Tennessee Farmhouse

In the living room, the plan called for a regular size window to the right of the fireplace, and no window to the left of the fireplace but a built in area for a TV. My OCD could not handle how it made things look so off so we scratched it and put two rectangle windows on each side of the fireplace. I love the thought of it snowing and being able to see the snow falling while sitting next to the fireplace. But right now all I can see is a face, lol. Hopefully there will be built-ins below the windows at some point.. .Glenview Cottage House Plan, photo credit: Tennessee Farmhouse Glenview Cottage House Plan, photo credit: Tennessee Farmhouse

Looking in the kitchen…
Glenview Cottage House Plan, photo credit: Tennessee Farmhouse

I’m obsessed with this dutch door! Glenview Cottage House Plan, photo credit: Tennessee Farmhouse

Glenview Cottage House Plan, photo credit: Tennessee Farmhouse

Without fail, every time I take a photo from far back, the tree line and our roof line match perfectly. I love how it just looks like it belongs there. And our poor grass 😑 let’s  just overlook that! Glenview Cottage House Plan, photo credit: Tennessee Farmhouse

Upstairs & Roof

It wasn’t too long before the upstairs was being built and the roof was being framed! We’ve hit a dry spell in Tennessee and haven’t been getting much rain. Bittersweet because we need the rain, but nice because a lot of work has gotten done!

We decided at the last minute to change the plan and have our daughter’s ceiling in her bedroom be vaulted. I’m so glad we did…


Tennessee Farmhouse


Below is probably my favorite side of the house. It will be the wrap around porch, chimney, and to the far right is the master bedroom.


Interior walls & stairs

Next thing we knew, it was starting to look like a house! You could see things taking shape, and we had steps leading upstairs…



Here will be the fireplace with rectangle windows on each side and hopefully built-ins underneath… _klp2886Leading up the stairs. To the left is the powder room, to the right is the laundry room. Like the plan calls for, we stuck with 10 foot ceilings downstairs, 9 foot upstairs. I am SO glad we did. Since my husband and I are both really tall, it feels more open…

Upstairs view. Yes I was scared to go all the way to the top 😀