5 Reasons We Chose the Glenview Cottage House Plan

The moment I saw this plan I absolutely fell in love. I couldn’t believe with all the searching done that I hadn’t seen it sooner. As soon as I saw it I knew it was meant for us. It’s layout plus the way our land is laid out all fit perfectly. My husband loved it too, and that was one of the first times we both agreed on a plan. There are many reasons we chose the Glenview Cottage by Southern Living but here are the top five:

1. The traditional farmhouse style. Many early 1900 farmhouses remind me of this plan. That’s another reason we loved Eric Moser’s designs. He brings out the character often lost in modern homes. If our home looks like it’s been sitting on our land for 100 years then we are totally ok with it.

2. The wrap around front porch. Need I say more?

3. There’s no wasted space. It seems every single square foot is accounted for. Even the pantry is built in under the stairs which we love. There was a few places that had “dead” space and we asked our builder to turn them into closets. Like the little mini closets at the top of our stairs

4. Master on the main. Planning ahead, we love the thought of not having to climb stairs when we’re old. The master almost has it’s very own separate “wing” of the house. We know it’s not for everyone, but we also like the idea of kids having their own space upstairs and us having our own space downstairs.

5. Walk in pantry. We’ve never had a pantry (we had to buy a free-standing one for our previous home)! Ohhh, you know you’re an adult when the thought of pantry organization excites you. Part of the pantry is under the stairs and you could close it off where it wraps up under the steps. We left it open because it makes a great storage spot! I stick seasonal decor back there.

I know I said five, but if I could add a few more it would be the very open floor plan, the laundry/mudroom room is right beside the bottom of the stairs (easy access to upstairs kids rooms), there’s a screened-in porch in the back, his and her closets, his an her sinks, exterior exposed chimney, and did I mention a wrap around porch? 🙂


Siding, paint colors, and terminology (oh my!)

Pretty soon we had siding up and everything started to get painted! The farmhouse lover in me wanted everything white. Plus, I stress too much about colors going well together! With white walls, we can add color with my decor and furniture choices.

For the exterior we chose Pure White by Sherwin Williams and for the interior walls we chose Alabaster by Sherwin Williams with Pure White trim. Brick color is “Oakton” by Triangle Brick with WHITE mortar (mortar makes a huge difference!)
Porch ceiling is Atmospheric by Sherwin Williams.
Porch fans are from Home Depot found here.
When we started this process, we knew what kind of doors we wanted, but we didn’t know what they were called. These are some terms I learned a long the way and I hope they can help you:

– Our front door is a “4 lite” door because of the 4 windows. You can get two, four, five, however many you want. Ours is solid oak.
– Our interior doors are “5 panel shaker style”. They are “hollow core” meaning hollow in the middle, not solid throughout. A plus of hollow core is the price is cheaper, a negative would be it’s a little less noise canceling.
– Our windows have “grilles” that match the 4 lite front door.
– Our interior trim around the doors and windows are the traditional “T Trim” where the top piece hangs over just a little bit. I love this simple farmhouse touch.

These terms seem simple I know, but unless you work in the construction industry you might now know them. Now you do! 🙂

I hope this helped and I can’t wait to blog some more updates soon! Have a great week y’all!