Thank You

Thank you all who followed along on our home build journey. We are so grateful for the love and advice you have shown us during this process. My intent of this blog was to document our build, and now that it’s done we are closing this chapter (for now). I’ll be sure to keep you posted over on Instagram for future builds on our property, hint hint. 😉

I hope you continue to follow along over at our Tennessee Farmhouse instagram. We can’t believe that our instagram has grown like it has and also been featured by Southern Living! This journey has truly been a blessing. If you ever have any questions about building, please reach out on Instagram and I will be happy to help you the best that I can. My advice to the person building a home wold be:

  • Don’t stress, enjoy the process. Remember, very few people get to build their own home…be thankful!
  • Your contractor/builder is human. Nobody is perfect. Expect mistakes and roll with it.
  • Take pictures, document the process. Your children will thank you one day.
  • Whatever your budget is, budget more 😉 Allow wiggle room

Now that we are in and have lived here a while, I can tell you a few things I would change:

  • Put an extra floor vent in the master bathroom. There is a separate “room” in the master bath just for the toilet. I love it, but there is a window in there and it gets COLD. I would have added a vent in there or somewhere close for some extra warmness. I’m seriously considering a toilet seat warmer at this point, ha!
  • When I ask my husband what he’d like to change, he says he would have liked to have a basement. I’m so glad we didn’t do a basement (sorry hubs!). I truly feel basements are bottomless pits for junk and stuff you don’t need. I know right now if we had one then all of our boxes would be down there instead of up here forcing us to go through them.
  • Add a closet in the front room. The front room of this plan is labeled as the “den”, however we are using it as an office. By the time I realized I would’ve loved a storage closed in there, it was too late. To add a closet means that room could technically turn into a 4th bedroom and that changes permits and everything. Oh well. I think we are gonna search for a free-standing closet at some point.

Those are just me being super picky, and none of those are things that would make us change anything about our plan selection. We absolutely LOVE Glenview Cottage, it’s the perfect fit for us…